COBOLDo you have COBOL applications in your IT landscape and you are facing a decline in knowledge around maintenance of these applications?

COSS Solutions provides COBOL training for your IT staff.

The training focuses on software developers who are used to work in Microsoft or Linux environments but have little or no knowledge of the COBOL programming language or mainframe concepts.

Instead of hiring costly externals, or contract specialized COBOL developers, you can extend the knowledge of your current IT staff with COBOL programming and mainframe knowledge enabling them to maintain your COBOL applications.

The benefits of this approach are multiple. First of all the continuity of your COBOL applications is secured and next the integration with your Microsoft and/or Linux applications becomes more easy as a result of the broad knowledge of your developers, extending way beyond COBOL and mainframe alone.

To motivate your staff we use a modern COBOL development environment with Visual Studio while focusing on VSAM and ESQL and mainframe concepts like JCL.

Contact us for more information, we provide tailor made training on demand.